Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meeting with Youth for Seva

A few days ago, I met with Mr. Venkatesh Murthy, who is the founder of an organisation called Youth for Seva (YFS). They have chapters in many cities around the country. Here is an extract from the YFS website about what they do:

Youth for Seva (YFS) started in April 2007 as a platform to provide opportunities for youth who wanted to take active part in community development despite time constraints. Through this platform, YFS aims to empower youth to become positive change makers who will enable organizations and institutions to work without a vested interest

The meeting provoked several new ideas such as creating a standard 'Google Form' for submitting entries, creating a separate 'Whatsapp' number for people to send pictures of handwritten entries etc. 

I am really glad for him to have taken out the time to meet and discuss City Idols with him. I am also really grateful for his useful inputs. The best part was that he has also said that he is willing to reach out to his friends in other cities to see if we can get more entries. Keeping fingers crossed :-)

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