Monday, December 12, 2016

Road Naming Policy of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations

Pasted below are two extracts from The Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976. This basically explains the policy of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations for naming public streets. 

Section 293 of THE KARNATAKA MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ACT, 1976 is reproduced below:

293. Naming or numbering of public streets.
(1) The corporation shall give names or numbers to new public streets and may, subject to the
approval of the Government, alter the name or number of any public street.

(2) The Commissioner shall cause to be put up or painted on a
conspicuous part of some building, wall, or place, at or near each end,
corner or entrance of every public street, the name or number by which it is
to be known.

(3) No person shall without lawful authority destroy, pull down or deface
any such name or number or put up any name or number different from that
put up by order of the Commissioner.

is reproduced below:

58. Obligatory functions of the corporations.- It shall be incumbent on the corporation to make reasonable and adequate provision by any means or measures which it is lawfully competent to use or to take, for each of the following matters, namely:-
(7) the naming or numbering of streets and of public places vesting in the corporation and the numbering of premises;

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