Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Perspective

So now I have talked with a couple of people and have received a few suggestions and ideas on what I can potentially do to make this project happen.

So essentially there were two perspectives with which people saw this idea.
The first one was, that we crowd source the information on the people from probably school students or the general public, and verify it using some resource before presenting it to a mapping platform. And this is what I had, and am still considering.

In this case, the one main problem which arises, is the verification issue. And this is because there are several places named after people, and it would be quite a laborious task for anyone to actually verify the precision of the content.

The other way that people saw this was, was to go to a mapping platform, tell them our idea, and have them use the content on Wikipedia about people after whom places have been named. One of the advantages of Wikipedia is that the content that it provides is mostly quite accurate, as the information is viewed and edited by several people.

This was a pretty tempting idea, until the fact that there weren’t Wikipedia entries on a lot of the people, befell upon us. And so then we decided. “Why not convince people to write more Wikipedia entries on such people?”

But even if this did work out, one of the foremost issues would yet remain—Will a mapping platform mind having Wikipedia content up on its pages? Now this is a problem for us, because many organizations, companies or conferences do not permit Wikipedia as a source of information. This is as the information is crowd-sourced, and can be edited by anyone with basic access to Internet and so is generally not considered accurate. And so we are not sure if a mapping platform would mind having information from Wikipedia up on its pages. And so, this is where the problem arises for us.

So now that we have gotten these ideas, it is time for us to seize which track to head on! 

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