Sunday, July 5, 2015

Meeting with Suresh Moona

In my quest to solve the content creation and verification issue, I was introduced to Mr. Suresh Moona by a friend, who recommended me to meet him.

Mr. Moona is a well-regarded Bangalore historian who is known for his significant efforts in spreading historical awareness on Bangalore. He has also authored over ten books, conducted several heritage walks, and is currently providing content to the local radio, which is read out on a routinely basis. Apart from all these credentials, Mr. Moona is also the director of Aarambh (An Association for Reviving Awareness About Monuments of Bengaluru Heritage). 

Considering all this, I felt that it would be relevant and a good idea to meet him. So on the morning of 21st June 2015, I was finally able to set up a time to meet him.

On meeting him, I briefly gave him a description of the idea, and on what progress had happened till then. He seemed to like the idea very much, and soon we were involved in a very nice discussion.

Mr. Suresh Moona was an absolutely erudite person in the study of Bangalore history. He seemed to know a lot about many things in Bangalore.
Whilst discussing in the context of ‘verification of content’, he also gave references to many books that could be of possible help such as Bangalore Darshana, Bangalore Nagara, Kempegowda Vaignyanikara etc. just to name a few. He also mentioned that the Gokhale Institute and Mithick Society could help too.

After we had talked about the idea, all that he had, and was trying to do in order to spread awareness on Bangalore’s history, and on his inputs, we finally decided to make a move.

I felt it really helpful to have met Mr. Suresh Moona, and would be really glad to have his support in this idea.

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