Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Idea...

As I promised in my last blog post, I will now actually explain the idea and the steps involved in it, to you. But before that, let us just quickly recap the essence of the project once more. 

Essentially, as I had previously stated, this project aims at truly honouring people who have contributed to society. And the way we are trying to do that, is by gathering and popularising information on those people after whom places have been named.

Now down to the actual framework of the project, we really intend to just crowd source the information, under ideal circumstances partner with a mapping platform, and use it to popularise the gathered information.

Essentially how we intend to proceed is quiet simple. At a very high level, I have mentioned the route that we will most probably be heading on as for now.

1.      The first step is to develop sample write-ups on people after whom places have been named. The main point of this is to just provide examples to people on the format of the information (Information here refers to information on people after whom places are named) that will be required, when we actually begin crowd-sourcing.                                                                                        
2.      I am really eager to meet with Deepa ma’am (Principal of Sri Kumaran Children’s Home- CBSE) and discuss the idea with her and see how she can support us from the school’s point of view. Another thing that I am aiming to achieve from this discussion is to see if we can crowd-source the information from SKCH students itself. I believe that this can be a great way to gather information. Added to that writing about these great people, can also be a very educative process for the students themselves. 

3.      Now, I would like to create an advisory board of three or four people, to whom I can look up to, and take help from. I also feel an advisory board can be useful to have especially when we go and reach out to institutional partners or mapping platforms.

4.      Now with this much of a support system, we can probably start crowd-sourcing information on people after whom places are named.

5.      Once we have crowd-sourced sufficient information, and have enough substance to show off, we shall try reaching out to a mapping platform. One of the main reasons as to why we are crowd-sourcing information, and not directly going to a mapping platform and sharing with it the idea, is because we need to convince them that the idea will work, and is implementable.

So that’s about what the idea is. And when I say all this, it sounds rather easy. I am sure there are many hurdles that I will need to cross and lessons I will learn along the way. And some of this may mean that the path could be different from how I am anticipating it right now. 

Meanwhile, if you have any queries or suggestions, please post those in the comment box below.

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